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Benefits of Hot Yoga

Strengthening, Cleansing, and Removal of Toxins

Hot Yoga strengthens and deeply cleanses the system, which adds intensity to your workout and raises the level of purification exponentially. Doin the same basic practice that you would in a regular temperature room, you will work harder in a heated and humidified room. Your body will grow stronger, and remove far more toxins from the system.

If people who have trouble with the heat, time should be taken to get used to practicing in a heated room, they will begin to find that they have less trouble. Practicing in a heated room teaches the body how to regulate temperature in order to perform at peak activity levels. The work done in the heat causes the arteries to dilate and thins the blood so more nutrients and oxygenated blood can flow to every cell in the body. The internal organs are also challenged and tuned. As the body gets used to practicing in a heated environment, the system learns how to stay calm and keep itself from overheating in various situations.

Increased flexibility: The heat softens muscle tissue so you are able to deeply stretch and open your body. Those who are less flexible will find this to be a huge advantage to practicing in a heated environment. This aspect of the heat needs to be handled with caution. Practicing hot yoga will challenge your physical, emotional, and internal flexibility.

Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Waikiki in Honolulu practices a series of hatha yoga postures designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, rejuvenating, and effective yoga experience. This 90-minute class will work every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, and internal organ, in the entire body, giving you an experience of complete physical and mental detoxification. We use the latest and greatest technology of far-infrared heating systems known to man.


Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Waikiki uses a state of the art far-infrared heating system in their Honolulu studio. The panels are considered the best carbon/ceramic high output infrared heaters on the market. These panels are patent pending, virtually EMF free, and will detoxify your body safely and efficiently making you feel refreshed from the inside out. No other place in Honolulu will you find a better and safer way to heal your body and melt the stress away. From beginners to experts, Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Waikiki in Honolulu will challenge and comfort you, all in the same breath. Your entire body will go through a complete transformation and be left wanting more. At Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Waikiki in Honolulu, we will never overcrowd our classes and our friendly outgoing staff will go out of their way to make this hot yoga experience the most pleasant and enjoyable time here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

What to Wear

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch easily. Stay away from anything too baggy, easier for teachers to correct the postures you will be completing. Shoes and socks are not worn in class.

What to Bring

Mats, towels, and water bottles can be rented or purchased at the studio or brought from your own home. Many people also bring a change of clothes, especially for after our classes. Please do not place your bags on the studio floor, as this takes away space from the fellow yogis and it also keeps a clean and organized yoga floor space.

What to Expect

We strongly recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes early so you have time to sign in, although you can register here (not required) and help speed up the sign-up process. In the event that a class fills to capacity, web registrations will be held until five minutes before class begins.

If you would like to try Bikram yoga taught by highly trained instructors, visit Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii at 449 Kapahulu Ave. Ste. 208. The yoga studio is kept at 105 degrees and classes are 90 minutes long. Regardless of your prior experience or skill level, there is a class that’s right for you. Take advantage of discounted pricing by purchasing a class pass. To book your lesson today, visit them online or call (808) 468-9642.


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