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How Are Bikram and Kundalini Yoga Different?

If you’re new to yoga, you may be overwhelmed by all of the different styles that exist. Kundalini and Bikram Yoga are just two of the many branches of the ancient practice, which focuses on emotional wellness derived from mindful movement. To help you distinguish between the two, Honolulu, HI’s, Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Waikiki offers the following explanation.

What Is the Difference Between Bikram and Kundalini Yoga?

What Are the Unique Qualities of Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury in the early 1970’s. It includes a prescribed set of movements that take about 90 minutes to execute. Each class includes the same postures and allow for variations depending on skill level. Typically, lessons take place in a heated yoga studio, with temperatures between 95 and 108 degrees and a humidity of 40%.

What Does the Practice of Kundalini Entail?

Kundalini weaves breathing, meditation, and movement together. The chanted repetition of a mantra may also be involved. Practitioners believe that their actions awaken an energy flow that propels a deeper sense of spiritual well being. Kundalini may involve active and passive postures, and classes vary widely depending on the teacher.

How Do I Know Which One Is Right for Me?

In general, there’s nothing wrong with sampling from a variety of styles. The differences found in each can enhance your overall health and wellness. However, some people do feel drawn to one type over another. A yoga studio will sometimes offer classes taught by different instructors, and you should feel free to experiment until you find a practice that you like.

If you would like to try Bikram yoga taught by highly trained instructors, visit Bikram Yoga at Hot Yoga Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii at 449 Kapahulu Ave. Ste. 208. The yoga studio is kept at 105 degrees and classes are 90 minutes long. Regardless of your prior experience or skill level, there is a class that’s right for you. Take advantage of discounted pricing by purchasing a class pass. To book your lesson today, visit them online or call (808) 468-9642.


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