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Come experience the only 90min Original Hot Yoga studio in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This cute boutique infrared heated fitness studio has an amazing view and is located near the Honolulu Zoo just outside of Waikiki. Hot Yoga Waikiki offers multiple daily 90-minute 105° Original Hot Yoga classes and 60-minute 95° Inferno Hot Pilates classes. Sign-Up now, see the Schedule or go to the store and buy a package

This is a beginner series hatha yoga class that adheres to the Original 90min 26&2 method of Hot Yoga in a 105° room, aka (Bikram Yoga). To ensure a harmonious environment for all participants, we kindly request that attendees refrain from practicing other modalities during this session. 


TWO LOCATIONS: Hot Yoga Waikiki & HYPE - Ewa Beach


Our studios are the first smart, progressive, innovative Infrared Hot Yoga studios in the world that is pioneering its way by bringing the best teachers in the world LIVE to our studios.

We’ve revolutionized our studio experience by eliminating the conventional front desk setup. All pre-attendance front desk tasks are seamlessly handled prior to arrival, ensuring a VIP experience awaits you the moment you step into the studio.  

Our teachers prides themselves on a minimum of 15+ years of teaching experience each. Hailing from various corners of the globe, our teachers bring a wealth of expertise to our hot yoga classes right here on Oahu. As you immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our hot room, you'll find yourself guided by some of the finest teachers in the world, united by our shared commitment to community and the transformative power of heat.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 


Why the heat?

What is infrared heating?

Never tried yoga? Are the teachers good? Don't know where to begin? Want a good workout? Too easy? Too hard?  

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Pricing *

Hot Yoga Waikiki Bikram Yoga Honolulu Ha
Gift Card, Any Amount?
1 Serving
Electrolyte Packet
Reusable Water Bottle
Manduka Mat Rental
Manduka Towel Rental
Nuun Electrolytes for Athletes
Coco Water
70 Servings
Electrolyte Canister
Manduka GRP Yoga Mat


Single Class
Traveling? UNLIMITED Week ***
UNLIMITED Month Weekly Auto-Pay
12 Week Obligation** ($10.42/Class if attend 3xs/week)
ONE TIME CHARGE, ($12.50/Class if attend 3xs/week)
$6.75/class 4x/wk
10 Classes
No Expiration, $18/Class
20 Classes
No Expiration, $16/Class
** If government mandates closure, weekly obligation will cease immediately.       
*** 7 Consecutive days only


Customer Reviews



Hot Yoga Waikiki Standing Bow Catherine

Catherine M.

Catherine has been into fitness ever since she was a young girl, but in 2003, Catherine was introduced to a beginner hatha yoga series by a dear friend. Determined to delve deeper into health & wellness, Catherine chose to practice this form of hatha yoga for 60 days straight and as a result, found that this beginner yoga class also called Hot Yoga, 26 and 2 or The Original Hot Yoga not only helped her on many levels, it also got her into the best shape of her life. Convinced that yoga was a great tool for all around health and healing, Catherine decided to share her passion for this beginner hatha yoga series and became certified to teach in the spring of 2007. From that point on she has shared her love of yoga, teaching many classes all over the world, to an international community from all over the world. 

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