Just outside of Waikiki (near the zoo), this is a brand new, beautiful, 105° yoga studio with an amazing view and offers 90-minute classes with certified Bikram Yoga teachers. Sign-Up now, see the Schedule or go to the store and buy a package.


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What is infrared heating?

Never tried yoga? Are the teachers good? Don't know where to begin? Want a good workout? Too easy? Too hard?  


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Catherine M.

Catherine has been into fitness ever since she was a young girl, but in 2003, after having a major motorcycle accident, Catherine was introduced to a beginner hatha yoga series by a dear friend, suggesting that it would help heal the multitude of injuries that were sustained in the motorcycle accident. Determined to get better, Catherine chose to practice this form of hatha yoga for 60 days straight and as a result, found that this beginner yoga class also called Bikram Yoga, 26 and 2 or The Original Hot Yoga not only helped the healing process, it also got her into the best shape of her life. Convinced that yoga was a great tool for all around health and healing, Catherine decided to share her passion for this beginner hatha yoga series and became certified to teach it by Bikram himself in the spring of 2007. From that point on she has shared her love of yoga, teaching many classes, to an international community all over the world. 




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